Sometimes you go out looking for a ring, a pendant, earrings, but looking at the jewelers windows do not find what really conquest you.
So it may be that you purchase the jewel that fits more to your liking.

Have you ever thought that you can make your jewelry as well as you imagined? And in a very simple way!
Today, 3D printing offers many “printable” materials as Gold, Titanium, Silver, Platinum, Steel.
Starting from a simple sketch, KIORO’design Team realizes the digital model. When this is perfect in every detail and is approved by the customer, it is simply sent to the 3D printer.
The digital craftsman has therefore only to focus on his work, and to share with the customer the evolution of the work, showing detailed images of custom 3d jewelry design.

custom 3d jewelry design

So you can go to a party wearing a unique jewel, that no one has ever seen.
Or just be noted for an unusual design of 3d jewelry going around by metro or for shopping.
Your 3d jewel is unique because you drew it. Reflects perfectly your personality in shape, material, color, in size.

In addition, you can order the same design in different colors / materials, so that they can be easily matched with what you wear.
The most beautiful side of 3D printing is that at any moment you can customize a 3D jewelry design, add an inscription to commemorate an event, a date, a phrase that is important for you.

So what? Is this exciting? Our history as a designer began so. Giovanna wanted a “starfish” ring in silver and I wanted a “turbine” pendant in steel. We have designed, modeled and 3d printed as well as we liked.

Like the idea? Send your sketch! We endeavor to fulfill it!

custom 3d jewel sketch