3d printing jewelry

Since the 3d printing has become a reliable and accurate process, with the addition of numerous printable materials, the production of finished products has become reality. To produce 3d printed jewelry there are two main processes:

  • the printing of the finished product
  • the printing of a high resolution wax model to get a lost wax casting.

The directly printable materials so far are Steel, Titanium, Aluminum, Bronze and the cobalt-chrome alloys. Depending on the mode with which the various layers of material are joined together, binder, laser or electron beam, will depend the level of detail of the 3d printed jewel.

There are other metals that can not be obtained directly with 3d printing process, such as Silver, Gold, Brass. The final product is obtained using a process that combines tradition with technology. The modeler / digital sculptor make the 3D CAD model of his 3d printed jewel and from this is abtained an extremely detailed 3D printed wax model. Then it proceeds in a more classic and artisanal way. From the wax model is made a mold to melt the metal, that is the “lost wax casting”.

The artisanal side of the process consists also in the fact that, although working with the same CAD model, the 3d printed jewels are never perfectly identical, but they differ in small details, like they had been made by hand, as “unique” pieces.

Fantastic and detailed 3d printed jewelry can be obtained in this way. The digital “craftsman” should just concentrate on his work, this great technology does the rest.

3d printed jewel kioro pendant

3d printed jewel lace ring

3d printed jewel kioro2 earrings