The process of lost wax casting, also known as “investment casting“, has its origins far back in time. Sculptors of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, China, used this technique to produce works with complex shapes in copper, bronze and gold.

3d printing for model in wax has completely changed the way to produce jewelry. The digital artisan can design with his mind free from constrains, with free imagination, since he has access to a technology that allows him to create the product layer by layer, with a high definition never achieved before.

Model is 3D printed in wax using an high resolution printer. Then the wax model is submerged in liquid plaster which will become solid. The wax model is melted out in a furnace and so will remain the mould for casting metals. Melted metal is poured in the mould and when solidified, the plaster is broken away.

We have used this technology to create amazing jewelry, manufactured by

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