The story of KIORO’design started about three years ago, when Giovanna sketched her first ring. It was a starfish and she liked it so much that I decided to realize it. Instead of going to a jeweler and bring to him the sketch, I decided to model it myself using 3D CAD systems. Working in the Aerospace industry, I already knew the 3D printing process, used to prototype, but I did not know if there was the possibility to build a finished product. When I completed the CAD model, we studied it a little bit more and did some changes. When it was perfect for both, I started looking for a 3D printing service. So I discovered that it was possible to print in 3D a finished product, not a prototype, but a real ring to wear! In particular, I found, which is a real community of designers and artists. I discovered that many materials were available, there was only spoiled for choice! We decided to print our ring in Silver. We were so excited to see our jewel! Waiting for the courier, we looked like children who were waiting for the gifts of Santa Claus. We were amazed to see materialize our creation. It was an unforgettable moment! It was like having done an incredible discovery, we was able to easily switch from 3D CAD model directly to realizing of our product, the object of our desires! When you know that there is a possibility like this, you will not stop imagining new creations. Yes, that’s how to free the imagination.

Excuse me now, I must go. Giovanna has another idea!